25 years and still going strong.

Our business began 25 years ago, and its growth and success has been achieved because of the hard work and professionalism of our staff. We have a very strong team of loyal people who have been with us for many years, and who have a wealth of industry experience. Their hard work, dedication and knowledge allows us to offer skilled account management to our customers both at point of sale and on an ongoing basis, throughout the Group.

Steve Rogers

Steve started the company in 1995 having previously graduated from London University and spending 6 years working for Pitney Bowes. His philosophy is that you want to inspire people and customers to want to work with you and treat them well enough that they want to stay with you. Outside of work he foolishly continues to play football and as a paid up member of the Barmy Army has watched England play cricket round the world for the last 30 years.

Richard Black

Richard became the company’s first salesman back in 1997 and although he semi retired in 2017 he still looks after a handful of our dealers. As a young man Richard was the Marlboro man selling cigarettes before becoming a tailor (hence always immaculately dressed) and is a true gentleman. An avid Wolves fan he still fondly remembers the glory days of the 1950’s.

Deanna Turner

Dee originally joined straight from school as an office junior and knows the workings of every department inside out. In 2015 she moved into our printing team and is a fountain of all knowledge. Always bright and positive combined with an amazing energy; Dee is the consumate professional and can be depended on for outstanding customer service. She is mother to 2 adorable daughters, goes to the gym most days and still somehow appears to find the time to go out most nights. Also carries the highly responsible title of office social secretary.

Tim Pile

Every company should have a Tim – joined originally on work experience and has done just about every job in the company. He is in charge of most things but specifically website, marketing, CRM and IT. First in the office and last out at night he knows the answer to just about everything. Apparently we are led to believe he goes home occasionally to his wife and two lovely children (who are hopefully scheduled to join the company around 2030!)

Lindsey Mepstead

Lindsey wandered into our offices one day canvassing and was hired on the spot. She now heads up both our folder inserters and our security sections. Incredibly loyal and dedicated she takes huge pride in her work and her commitment to her customers. One word of caution though is as an insomniac it is quite possible you will receive e- mails from her about 4 AM. Lindsey doesn’t stop. Out of work running a catering company at weekends and also as an adrenaline junkie counts several marathons, long bike rides and climbing the three peaks amongst her achievements. We are waiting for her next hare brained idea!

Steve Streeter

‘Streets’ as he is affectionately known by all actually gave Steve Rogers his first job in 1988 working at Pitney Bowes. Streets spent many years there rising to the position of national Sales Director before joining us in 2007. Originally a franking machine specialist Streets took on the challenge of setting up our myprintingroom brand from scratch in 2013. Under his expert guidance this has swiftly become a fundamental part of our business and he is now the guru of our printing knowledge. A bear of a man he is in fact one huge big softie and he is scared of spiders and extremely ticklish.

Saffron Beesley

Saff joined us from a return to work scheme and Is our process and procedures specialist. Saff looks after our order processing and general administration as well as her favourite hobby of office Grammarian- known to fly into a rage at the sight of a misplaced semi colon she has been responsible for spellchecking this website so if any errors our spotted these should be directed at her. Having reached her 30’s Saff has officially declared herself to be an adult.

Carly Day

Carly originally joined our accounts part time juggled with bringing up her two lovely children. AAT level four qualified Carly is completely unflappable and is the model professional appearing to make everything seem effortless. Outside of work Carly is quiet, polite and unassuming until mixed with Vodka at which point members of the public are advised to retreat to a safe distance.

Steve Waller

Steve joined us on the day we moved into our new office in 2013 – slightly chaotic and I think he wondered what he had let himself in for (we swiftly felt the same way) Previously he was Sales Director at Versapak (packaging company) for many years and is now an expert in our corporate accounts as well as doing a great job of mentoring within our sales team. Extremely diligent Steve takes huge pride in the relationships and rapport he builds with customers and is something of a perfectionist. At leisure Steve is a keen karaoke singer but rest assured he has it written into his contract that he is NOT allowed to sing to customers.

Marie Davenport

Marie originally joined us as maternity cover for Carly but loved us so much that she insisted on staying. Jack of all trades and master of them all Marie combines her accounts work with heading up our service, holidays, sickness, health and safety and most contentious of all heating monitor! She appears now to have moved onto recruitment having persuaded her daughter to join us. Outside of work Marie can usually be found either running or drinking wine and having entered the Bordeaux marathon is hoping to combine the two together.

Nicolle Marshall

Nicolle joined in 2016 whilst still in her mid twenties originally in our customer care team but has advanced to account management. Nicolle is a petite bundle of energy with infectious enthusiasm, incredible willpower and a fierce competitive nature. She likes nothing better than to be told ‘it can’t be done’ . At home she is mother to a delightful little boy who is already racing motorbikes and we have already secured a sponsorship deal for when he becomes world champion around 2035.

Chloe Randle

Left her job as a carer to join our admin team and some might say her role has never changed. Has taken over our printer service centre and is the smiling face of our company you are most likely to speak to on the phone. Superb bubbly personality that constantly has the office in tears with her observations on life. When not working Chloe is probably working! At her weekend job running the bar at her local football club.

Ruth Pay

Joined our new business team in 2018 and is simply the loveliest lady you will ever meet. Quiet and professional she requires nothing more than a desk, a telephone and a coffee in order to perform. Outside of work Ruth is very much a home bird with her weekend centred around her family and her beloved dog Suggs.

Tom Lacey

Tom joined us temporarily in March 19 and was swiftly seduced to stay full time by the bright lights of Greenhithe. Working alongside Lindsey, Tom has quickly become a true expert with our security products. Full of energy and loves his work, Tom is highly assiduous and professional. Tom is also the untidiest and when not working is eating, talking about eating or updating everyone with traffic reports.

Eve Sales

Eve having completed her degree in Music journalism from Manchester University joined our sales team in July 19 and we are trying to convince her that ‘Sales future lies in sales’! Eve supported by Steve Waller is heading up our rather clever internal mail tracking products and is mainly responsible for adding this product to our portfolio. The office music specialist, when not at festivals and concerts of obscure bands Eve spends her weekends playing football and cricket.

Claire Smith

Claire joined our print team in January 20 having taken a career break to raise her family. Super energetic, she has taken over our customer care as well as supporting our sales team. An ex footballer, Claire is also an excellent singer having won a talent show with her rendition of S Club 7’s hit ‘Reach for the stars’. Music’s loss is our gain.

Dave Brooker

‘Computer” Dave works part time as our IT Manager. We are still trying to work out whether he knows a lot about IT or a lot of long words – either way he has developed an excellent bespoke system as well as showing great patience with some of the more technophobic of us. Like a 1970’s beauty queen Dave lists his hobbies as travelling and meeting people and would like world peace.

Amber Davenport

Our newest recruit and daughter of Marie. Amber joined our admin team in September 2019 fresh from school. She currently combines work with studying beauty therapy and is being earmarked for hair and make up for future nights out (and that’s just the boys). Always smiling and a brilliant positive attitude Amber is swiftly becoming a valuable addition.

Cece – The Office Dog

Arguably the cutest member of the team (although Streets disagrees!) Cece is in charge of office security and also at times shredding! Without a doubt the most enthusiastic about meetings although has a tendency to drift off if they go on for too long. Outside of work Cece enjoys walking, sleeping and eating food (preferably someone else’s). Many dogs have owners but Cece firmly believes that she has staff.